Horse balsam FORTE warming – 250 ml

Horse balsam FORTE warming - 250 ml

It is a fortified version of the unique balsam made from 25 herbs. Horse balsam Forte warming is made according to a traditional Swiss recipe. It contains the fruit and flowers of horse chestnut, which have been proven to be effective against varicose veins.

To achieve the maximum effect the high concentrations of the following herbs were used in this recipe:

Chestnut: it contains active substances like aescin, tannins and flavonoid glycosides. These components help to increase the elasticity of vascular walls, blood perfusion, vascular flow and limit formation of edemas. They have also a significant anti-inflammatory and healing effect.
Comfrey: The main component is allantoin, which supports regeneration. It effectively speeds up cell recovery and eliminates the feeling of tiredness. It also significantly helps in post-injury conditions.
Juniper: It activates the lymphatic system, which helps to eliminate toxic substances from the body. It effectively accelerates regeneration.
Contains 25 herbal extracts that are known to:

Help with joint, muscle and spine problems
Relieve rheumatic conditions
Provide help with lumbago problems